Vision, Mission & Values

GENDRO, established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2018, is a global non-profit organization committed to uncovering gender biases in research, bridging evidence gaps, and driving systemic changes in the research ecosystem for tangible real-world impact. Through collaborative efforts with partners, we identify gaps, strengthen capacity, generate evidence, and advocate for sustainable solutions, with the goal of fostering enduring change in research and knowledge production. Explore our website to delve into our dedicated work and learn how you can contribute to creating more equitable solutions for the societal challenges of our time.

Our Vision

GENDRO envisions an equitable world in which any evidence produced to improve and advance our society, whether through academic research, policy analysis, or programmatic evaluation, takes into account the significant influence of gender and sex.

Our Mission

GENDRO’s mission is to advance equity by integrating sex and gender dimensions in cross-disciplinary research. We address gender data gaps, serving as a bridge between gender-sensitive research and transformative policy and programming. Our goal is to enhance data analysis for evidence-based gender-responsive policymaking. GENDRO caters to a diverse audience, including researchers, funders, publishers, governments, international agencies, academia, institutes, UN agencies, civil society, policy makers, and program implementers.

Our Values

In GENDRO, we strive to apply a feminist approach to the way we work and in the work we do

What brings the different strands of feminisms together is the fundamental belief in the equality of women, men and gender nonconforming people. Feminism recognizes that the quest for equity and social justice is through challenging systems that reinforce gender inequality and addressing intersectional power hierarchies. As such, feminist approach embraces diversity and is inherently decolonial and anti-racist. The following values are part of our feminist approach and indicate what GENDRO cares about, how it wants to be recognized, its methods and approaches, what others can expect of it, what guides its actions, and what underlies and permeates its behavior.


GENDRO believes that women, men and gender non-confirming people are entitled to the same respect, dignity, safety and security as all other members of society and are equal before the law.


GENDRO believes that society benefits from the contributions of people with diverse characteristics and backgrounds, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, geographic location, and type of disability.


GENDRO shall base its actions, decisions and positions on quality evidence.


GENDRO collaborates with individuals, groups and organisations and promotes collaborative efforts internally and externally.


GENDRO shall be trusted, reliable, and authentic in all its dealings. It will carry out its work transparently and honestly.


GENDRO`s actions, decisions and positions shall be guided by its Vision and Mission as well as its Strategic Objectives.


GENDRO shall be accountable for its actions and decisions, particularly to the ultimate beneficiaries of its work, partners, founders, staff, volunteers and interns, and society as a whole.

Human Rights

GENDRO recognizes that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights and it shall be sensitive to the values, religion, customs, traditions and cultures of those it interacts with. GENDRO will respect individual freedom of thought, conscience and association