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On the occasion of World Health Day 2019, on 9th April GENDRO’s president, Dr Shirin Heidari, announced the launch of GENDRO’s Gender, Evidence and Health Network, as a think tank dedicated to convene actors in Geneva and facilitate joint actions towards improving integration of sex and gender in health research and data analysis. This network is supported by Geneva Think Tank Hub.​

As part of its efforts towards advancing equity through sex and gender sensitive research, GENDRO’s Gender, Evidence and Health Network aims to create a think tank where partners can exchange ideas, discuss methodological complexities and elaborate comprehensive approaches to gender mainstreaming in health data and research. In 2019, we organised three Network meetings, where members presented ongoing work, discussed data challenges, and developed joint projects and actions. One of the projects is a systematic review of gender considerations in research ethics guidelines. The goal is to develop recommendations so that the ethics committees can consider gender dimensions in their review of health research protocols as a matter of routine and contribute to improving ethical and equitable health research.​

By the end of March 2023, the GEH Network members had increased from 11 (in 2019) to over 140 individuals from academic research institutions, UN agencies, and other international and civil society organisations. Our Network was highlighted in Les Temps on 13 June 2019 as one of the few initiatives that focuses on improving gender equity in research and evidence. The GEH Network has served as a platform for joint actions, awareness raising and knowledge production. The GEH Network has published statements and articles, among others, at the BMJ Global Health. In 2022, it issued a Consensus Statement for a gender-responsive international instrument for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, endorsed by more than 22 organisations and several individuals. The GEH Network has several working groups that focus on specific concerns and work collaboratively to develop solutions and recommendations.

Why Join the GEH Network?

Diverse Perspective

Connect with professionals and advocates from around the world and from difference expertise, gaining insights into diverse approaches to gender-inclusive health research.

Quarterly Hybrid Meetings

Participate in our quarterly gatherings, where members share updates on ongoing initiatives, present cutting-edge research, and collaborate on joint actions. You can also learn about GENDRO’s latest and ongoing projects.

Community of Experts

Engage with a community of experts and professionals passionate about promoting gender equality in health research and policies.

GENDRO welcomes members interested in joining its GEH network and committed to addressing gender bias in research. To join, contact us using the following form.

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