Our Work

Convening the Gender, Evidence, and Health Network

At GENDRO, we recognize the transformative power of collaboration to drive positive change. Our Gender, Evidence, and Health (GEH) Network unites civil society organizations, academic institutions, and research bodies dedicated to advancing sex and gender aspects in health research, policies, and programming. Through meaningful dialogue and collective efforts, we aim to catalyze transformative change towards gender equality, ensuring inclusive health outcomes for all.

Advocating Inclusive Global Policies: Call for A Gender-Responsive Pandemic Accord

GENDRO mobilizes partners and support to call for a gender-responsive international pandemic instrument through our statement “Building back better”. Amidst global challenges like COVID-19, we urge Member States to prioritize gender equality. Our advocacy emphasizes lessons from past outbreaks, highlighting the need for gender-responsive research and engaging with organizations like the WHO. Actively participating in the drafting process, we call for reaffirming commitments to gender equality and invite the INB and Member States to ensure a truly inclusive and gender-responsive approach to global health challenges.

Driving Systematic Change to Bridge Gender Data Gaps: Advancing SAGER Guidelines

GENDRO spearheads efforts to bridge gender data gaps through activities that support the widespread adoption and implementation of the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) guidelines. These guidelines ensure comprehensive considerations of sex and gender differences in research across disciplines. We offer tailored workshops and training, and actively advocate for greater uptake and implementation of the SAGER guidelines. We collaborate with stakeholders to drive systematic changes and promote the application of SAGER recommendations across the entire research ecosystem. Our aim is to create a research landscape that prioritizes inclusivity and accuracy in all facets. GENDRO, in collaboration with CIOMS, co-convened a pivotal meeting addressing the roles of research ethics committees in countering gender bias in research, and potentials of a tailored SAGER guidelines specifically for research ethics committees.

Raising Awareness: Amplifying Impact through Evidence

GENDRO is steadfast in its dedication to awareness-raising through evidence generation. Through thought leadership and expert commentary, we strive to reach diverse audiences. Our publications, podcasts, and seminars provide critical insights, sparking conversations and shedding light on the extensive implications of gender-blind research. These efforts aim to propel informed dialogue and catalyze positive change. Stay tuned for our latest evidence-generation initiatives, contributing to a more equitable and inclusive research landscape.