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Join GENDRO and empower change in global health research

At GENDRO, we believe in your power to drive positive change. Join our global community to eliminate gender biases in health research and data analysis. Endorse our Consensus Statements and Call for Action, elevating sex and gender considerations on the global health agenda, or adopt the SAGER guidelines. Together, let’s make an impact in creating a more inclusive and equitable research ecosystem.

Gender, Evidence, and Health Network (GEH)

GEH Network is a vibrant global think tank uniting individuals, organizations, and experts from around the globe committed to advancing gender-responsive health research, policy, and practice. Our dynamic Network convenes quarterly, offering a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action. Together, we strive towards a common goal: eliminating the gender gap in evidence for global health.

Urgent Plea to Member States: Gender-Responsive Agenda at the 77th World Health Assembly Must be Upheld to Ensure Inclusive Health Policies and Respect for Human Rights

Urgent plea by Gendro and partners ahead of the 77th World Health Assembly, urging Member States and stakeholders to champion gender-responsive language and action in global health resolutions and initiatives. Join us in our commitment to leave no one behind on the path to better health for all.

Consensus Statement: Towards a Gender-Responsive International Pandemic Instrument

Join our coalition advocating for gender equality and human rights in the new international pandemic instrument. As the gendered impact of COVID-19 becomes evident, we stress the importance of a gender-responsive and human rights-informed international pandemic framework. Explore how we’re urging Member States to reaffirm their commitments to gender equality and human rights, ensuring an equitable and inclusive global health response to future pandemics.

Call for Action: Gender-Responsive Research in light of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affects women and marginalized groups, sparking a renewed call for enhanced gender-responsive research. Join us in prioritizing gender equality, health equity, and human rights. By challenging the status quo of the research ecosystem and advocating for the systematic integration of sex and gender dimensions, alongside other intersectional factors, into research, we pave the way for evidence-based interventions promoting gender equality and health equity. Act now for a more gender-responsive and inclusive evidence generation.