Webinar : Gender bias in recruitment, promotion and career management

5 October 2021 | Organiser : GE Academy

Trainers Dr. Shirin Heidari, founding president of GENDRO, along with Cristina Dragomir from Constanta Maritime University, who served as an Associate Professor, provided an overview of the main imbalances and biases regarding HR management in research and academia during the session. These imbalances encompassed vertical and horizontal segregation, the gender pay gap, and issues related to international mobility. Participants were sensitized about unconscious bias and were encouraged to challenge allegedly objective and gender-neutral career enhancement criteria. The trainers provided examples of measures aimed at tackling these biases and emphasized the importance of building capacity for self-reflection and enhancing HRM processes. 

Event recording : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNdX_KY9n7o&ab_channel=GenderEqualityAcademyEU