Public Event: Open Think Tank Network Launch – Feminist Foreign Policy 

12 November 2021 | Organiser : Open Think Tank Network (OpenTTN)

In November 2021, a forum was held in Geneva that marked the official launch of OpenTTN. For three days, participants from all over Europe came together to discuss foreign policy issues in a participatory format with high-ranking experts and speakers. 

The participants had the opportunity to celebrate the success of the joint publication of the OpenTTN on feminist foreign policy. The opening event was attended by: Marie-Claire Graf, YOUNGO Global Focal Point for the UNFCCC, Ambassador Thomas Greminger, head of the Geneva Center for Security Policy, Shirin Heidari, Founder of Gendro and Senior Consultant on WHO’s Gender, Equity and Human Rights Team, Tamara Mawhinney, Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in Geneva, Maria Sokolova, TradeExperettes 

During the subsequent sessions over the weekend, the participants not only thought about the internal structure of OpenTTN, but also analyzed the most important foreign policy trends and considered new projects for cooperation between the various think tanks.