Panel event: Health Promotion, A critical pathway to achieving Universal Health Coverage 

12 November 2019 | Organisers: Alliance for Health Promotion and the World Health Organization – WHO

The 9th Global Forum on Health Promotion, 9GFHP was organised in collaboration with the WHO and was held on 12 November 2019.

The Global Forum held annually since 2011 provides a platform for key stakeholders from government, NGOs, private sector, academia and other civil society organisations to address current challenges and opportunities of Health Promotion. as well as set the agenda for research, advocacy and action. It is an opportunity for knowledge-sharing intended for everyone involved in promoting healthy lives, for learning from one another and building understanding around best practices.

This unique event provided a platform for dialogue between more than 100 participants to explore how, by working together, health promotion strategies can best contribute to moving forward the global health agenda and translate global declarations into actions and impact.