Public Event: Dying for Life, Are Mothers Still a Global Health Priority?

27 November 2023 | The International Geneva Global Health Platform, Concept Foundation, Geneva Health Forum, the Gender Centre of the Geneva Graduate Institute and GENDRO

The event raised critical questions about the prioritization of maternal health and the potential impact on global health priorities from a gender lens and as a question of gender equality, discussing why despite the preventability of PPH-related deaths, progress has stagnated. The forum, following the recent launch of a Global Roadmap by WHO and partners, delved into examining gender, health, and leadership, addressing the persisting challenges in global efforts to combat PPH-related maternal mortality. The perspectives of care from the field, including insights from a midwife from the Philippines, amplified the priorities and highlighted how supporting the women’s health agenda and investing in women’s groups and agencies can have a notable impact.  

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