Panel Discussion: Challenging gender inequality in Global Health and beyond, “A conversation with female leaders”

9 March 2020 | Organiser: GENDRO, GAVI, StopTB, The Global Fund, UNITAID and EndMalaria

Speakers Aurelia Nguyen, Clara Mathieu Gotch, Lucica Ditiu, Marijka Wijnroks, Sanne Wendes, and Shirin Heidari participated in a panel discussion titled “Women in power: Challenging gender inequality in Global Health and beyond: A conversation with female leaders,” organized by GENDRO to commemorate International Women’s Day 2020. The event took place at the Global Health Campus and was also live-streamed. 

During the discussion, the panelists highlighted various aspects where gender equality gaps persist and emphasized the importance of pushing forward to achieve recognition and acceptance in society. They underscored the need for concerted efforts to address gender inequality in the field of global health and beyond. 

Event recording: