Online Seminar : The data wave in global health: What are the implications for human rights? 

10 December 2020 | Organiser: Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute 

The speakers for the roundtable included Meg Davis, who served as a Special Advisor for Strategy and Partnerships at the Global Health Centre and as a Course Coordinator at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies; Carmel Williams, the Executive Editor of the Health and Human Rights Journal; Sharifah Sekalala, an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick; and Shirin Heidari, a Senior Researcher at the Global Health Centre and the Founding President of GENDRO. The discussion was moderated by Ryan Whitacre, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Global Health Centre. 

The roundtable focused on the transformative potential of data-driven technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the health sector, which promises advancements in diagnostics, screening, treatment, and beyond. Big data, digital tech, and AI are anticipated to play crucial roles in realizing social rights, facilitating social mobilization, and identifying health disparities, discrimination, and inaccessibility. However, the utilization of data, AI, and technology in global health raises significant questions about human rights, including how to ensure rights during the digital wave. 

These pertinent questions formed the basis of a special section in the December 2020 issue of the Health and Human Rights Journal. During the roundtable, the contributing editors and authors delved into these questions, particularly in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing pandemic. 

Event recording: