Workshop: RE-IMAGINE an inclusive gender equal future for research and innovation

19 April 2023 | Organiser: INSPIRE

INSPIRE is Europe’s Centre of Excellence focused on inclusive gender equality in research and innovation. It serves as a hub where scholars, equality experts, practitioners, and trainers can connect, share resources, and collaborate on new initiatives. Twenty-eight participants, including GENDRO members, took part in the workshop in Berlin, Germany. They engaged in creative exploration and reflection on their vision for an inclusive, gender-equal future in research and innovation. Organized by Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, co-founder and Director of Portia, and guided by Dr. Carolin Ossenkop and Dr. Claartje Vinkenburg. The workshop facilitated discussions, idea exchanges, and various activities aimed at shaping a positive trajectory for gender equality in academia. 

Event website: Inspire Holds High Level Workshop in Berlin