INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Inclusive Gender Equality in Research and Innovtation

6 October 2023 | Organiser : GenPORT and affiliated partners

GENDRO participated in Policy Workshop: Institutional ambitions and approaches to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in research and innovation (EDI) as part of the INSPIRE Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The INSPIRE Conference brought together over 70 global thought leaders featuring dynamic discussions, including insights on intersectional policy, critical perspectives on sexism-racism in higher education, and an exploration of GEPs through an intersectional lens.  As Europe’s Centre of Excellence on inclusive gender equality in research and innovation, INSPIRE serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and innovative policies. The policy workshop discussed the advancement of an ecosystem perspective on EDI; supporting pioneering actions by science institutions on implementing EDI goals in R&I; and policy recommendations for the next EU GE Strategy. The president of GENDRO conveyed insights gained from the development and widespread adoption of the SAGER guidelines as a notable illustration of endeavors aimed at instigating systemic changes within the research ecosystem, with a focus on fostering increased equality and diversity in science.  

Event website: INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Inclusive Gender Equality in R&I