INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Inclusive Gender Equality in Research and Innovtation

6 October 2023 | INSPIRE

GENDRO was represented in Budapest, Hungary at the “INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Include Gender Equality in Research and Innovation.”  

The INSPIRE Conference in Budapest brought together over 70 global thought leaders earlier this month, focusing on vital themes like gender equality, intersectionality, and Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). As Europe’s Centre of Excellence on inclusive gender equality in research and innovation, INSPIRE serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and innovative policies. The conference featured dynamic discussions, including insights on intersectional policy, critical perspectives on sexism-racism in higher education, and an exploration of GEPs through an intersectional lens. 

The event showcased the launch of Knowledge & Support Hubs (KSHs) by distinguished researchers, addressing sustaining change, widening participation, intersectionality, and fostering innovation. A highlight was the announcement of the new Communities of Practice (CoPs), creating working groups aligned with the KSHs’ thematic areas. The conference concluded with a forward-looking perspective, emphasizing the proactive role needed for impactful change. Participants stressed the importance of empirical evidence, countering arguments against gender equality, and making research accessible to society. The INSPIRE Conference 2023 was a dynamic and enriching event, laying the groundwork for a more equal and inclusive world. Gratitude was extended to all participants, with a call to continue the momentum for gender equality in research and innovation. 

Event website: INSPIRE Conference 2023: Pioneering Inclusive Gender Equality in R&I