Conference: The Human Immunome Project “Into Action” Scientific Strategy Meeting  

15-16 November 2023 | Organizer : Human Immunome Project, hosted by the Caixa Research Institute  

The Human Immunome Project (HIP) presented its comprehensive scientific research plan at the Human Immunome Project Into Action Conference in Barcelona. This ambitious plan, aimed at creating the most extensive immunology dataset in history, facilitated discussion on key areas, such as global data collection, diversity and equity, and emphasized the pivotal role of AI in data analysis.   

Dr Shirin Heidari, participated in this meeting in Barcelona, reinforcing the importance of the initiative, and in particular drew attention to consideration of sex and gender, and other diversity dimensions in data collection and analysis from the onset, in particular in light of their critical role in informing AI algorithms and models, to ensure greater accuracy, safety, efficiency and minimizing bias. The meeting emphasized the need to collaborate with existing expertise, form partnerships with organizations experienced in relevant areas, and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders globally. 

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