MINDtheGEPs Workshop: Gendering scientific publications (“Train the Trainers”)

19 May 2023 | MINDtheGEPs

In May 2023, trainers from various organizations partnered with MINDtheGEPs in Belgrade, Serbia to deliberate on gender considerations in scientific publications, encompassing both research themes and teams. The workshop aimed to formulate guidelines for gendering scientific publications, which will be shared with the European research community. 

During the workshop, the European Commission’s stance on gender equality in research was discussed, setting the stage for the development of the guidelines. The session covered perspectives on gender equality for researchers and management levels, including insights on gender dynamics in teams and themes from publishers and editors. The training involved a workshop segment where participants delved into different perspectives, capturing the viewpoints of students, junior and senior researchers in SSH and STEM, reviewers, editors, and gender equality educators.

Event website: Gendering scientific publications – second MINDtheGEPs Train the Trainers workshop