Conference: 10th Global Conference on Health Promotion, “Achieving resilience, equity and sustainability by leaving no one behind” 

9 December 2021 | Organiser : Alliance for Health Promotion

The purpose of the session was to capture the changes necessitated by COVID-19 and how they impacted the well-being of various populations. This interactive platform helped us better understand the specific needs and challenges of different populations, taking the angle of inclusion, equity, and empowerment in order to contribute to building a resilient and sustainable society of well-being and leaving no one behind. It aimed to explore how connecting different population groups at the local level through intergenerational collaboration and applying health promotion tools could boost resilience, equity, and sustainable development. The session was run by youth as moderators and covered topics like a) Empowering youth to create individual and community preparedness and resilience, Re-visiting gender-specific determinants of health and well-being, b) Challenges and opportunities to achieve better health and well-being for people with disabilities, and c) Connecting generations through Health Promotion to achieve the sustainable health and well-being of communities. 

Esteemed speakers included Elizabeth Cherian Paramesh, Vice President of Alliance for Health Promotion, GenevaTrustee, Shirin Heidari, President of GENDRO, Katerina Firlova, Manager Strategic Partnerships and Operations, Health Nexus, and Annette Ebbinghaus, Master Sophrologist  

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