Civil Society Dialogue with WHO Director General: Achieving a gender transformative COVID response

1 September 2020 | Organisers: GENDRO and Women in Global Health

The dialogue featured speakers such as Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Dr. Shirin Heidari, Dr. Roopa Dhatt, Ms. Sarah Hillware, Dr. Amina Jama, Mr. Ricardo Baruch, Dr. Nicole Fouda Mbarga, and Dr. Denise Nacif Pimenta. It was organized by GENDRO and Women in Global Health, marking the inaugural event in a series of CSO-WHO DG dialogues chosen by CSOs for various topics pertinent to the COVID-19 response. The selection process for themes involved a call for proposals managed by a small group of volunteer CSO representatives. They assessed proposals based on criteria such as the issue’s relevance to civil society, urgency within the COVID-19 context, feasibility of meeting with the WHO DG, clarity of proposal, and persuasiveness of its outline and format. Subsequently, the CSO volunteers proposed three initial topics to kickstart the series: achieving a gender-transformative COVID response, promoting the health and wellbeing of young people during the pandemic through youth engagement in participatory governance, and exploring the role of social participation in the COVID-19 context.