73rd WHA Side Event: Gender Data, the Unlearned Lessons of Global Pandemics

19 May 2020 | Organisers: GENDRO and Think Tank Hub

Speakers Shirin Heidari, Anna Ruggieri, Catherine Nyambura, Ricardo Baruch, and Stephen Burrell participated in a webinar hosted by GENDRO in collaboration with the Think Tank Hub, Geneva. The webinar aimed to explore the COVID-19 crisis from a unique perspective by examining the role of sex and gender data in pandemics.  

During the discussion, the speakers emphasized the issues and gaps apparent in gender-inclusive data collection and research amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They highlighted the necessity of making gender more visible in pandemic responses and stressed the importance of learning from past experiences to adopt a more inclusive approach towards all communities. 

Event recording: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkTankHubGeneva/videos/611368519736570/?ref=embed_video